The school extends hostel facility to outstation students (only boys) who are keen to be a part of the atmiya family. Housed within the school premises, the hostel extends all requisite facilities to provide the students an environment as good as home. The facilities ensure a comfortable and healthy living environment.It is truly a home away from home, where each student receives personal attention and is encouraged to not only develop his academic skills but also to become a well balanced and caring individual. Participation in co-curricular activities is encouraged.

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List of the items to be given by the parents for hostel students

Items Nos
1 Casual wear (light sober colour) 2 Pair
2 Sweater (Winter) (Navy blue full sleeves) 1 No.
3 Vests (White colour) 6 Pairs
4 Underwear (colour) 6 Pairs
5 Napkin (colour) 4 Nos.
6 Handkerchief (colour) 6 Nos.
7 Towel (colour) 2 Nos.
8 Large size school bag (compulsory) 1 No.
9 Formal leather belt (black) 1 Nos.
10 Casual sandals (Normal) 1 Pair
11 Bathroom slipper 1 Pair
12 Hair comb 1 Nos.
13 Raincoat 1 No.
14 Spectacles (if Applicable) 1 Pairs
15 Steel Water Bottle (500 ml) 1 No.
16 Torch 1 No.
17 Bathroom kit (toothpaste, toothbrush, tongue cleaner, soap,cream, shampoo, nail cutter, hair oil, lotion, vaseline, vicks, iodex etc.,) 1 Kit
List of Stationary
1 Compass Box
2 Pencil Box, Eraser Box, Sharpener & Pens
3 Colour for Drawing:-
For Standard 4 to 6 Crayons
For Standard 7 to 8 Water Colours

Please Note : Note Books and Test Books will be given from the School.

Note :-
  • Please pack all the above items in a small trolley bag only.
  • Please send a small air / sky bag that can be used to carry a pair of clothes for one day tour.
  • Please stitch the given hostel Tag Number on all the above items. Tag number will be available from the Hostel.

Hostel Contact Numbers : +91 7069036931 / 7069036932

Hostel Student Kit